Lennox® Ultimate Comfort System

Lennox Ultimate Comfort Systems

During a time when you’re exploring your home comfort system, evaluate the industry’s most technologically advanced air conditioner, heat pump and heater.

Your house is your retreat. Service Max Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to guide you and create an even more pleasant and suitable with the Lennox® Ultimate Comfort System™ in Arlington, Washington.

You’ll reevaluate the greatest with this superior HVAC system. It combines the best Signature® Collection products to produce custom home comfort.

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Ultimate Comfort System™ Product Card

From heating and cooling to air purification and effortless controls, every component of The Ultimate Comfort System™ works seamlessly together to deliver nothing short of perfect air. Click to download our current Ultimate Comfort System Product Card.

Naturally the Top in Heating and Cooling Products

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When your comfort is ideal you can sense it. With the Ultimate Comfort System, you have the most modern, efficient and effective home comfort option Lennox has created.

When you choose the best HVAC system, you obtain the premier home comfort package Lennox has build.

These innovative solutions include:

  • Precise Comfort®—Variable-speed comfort system holds your required temperature while conserving energy. Your air will feel just how you are looking for it to feel.
  • Smart thermostats and zoning— You’ll enjoy a perfectly-synchronized system at your fingertips. Our smart thermostats automatically adapt the temperature no matter where you are. So you preserve energy without worrying. And zoning can keep your residence more comfortable by diverting warmth or cool air to specific rooms.
  • Air purification—Breathe better air with our state-of-the-art air purification systems, which filtrate allergens, germs and more.
  • Climate IQ®—Pick your favorite setting to easily raise or lower your house’s moisture levels.
  • Unmatched efficiency—The Ultimate Comfort System is amongst the most efficient products you can install.
  • Quiet operation—You’ll enjoy air you can feel, not sense. This system runs at a noise volume that’s frankly unheard of.

We’ll Help Improve Your Home Comfort

We can show you how variable-speed air currents, Wi-Fi-empowered temperature controls, accurate zoning programs and solar compatibility can keep your house amazingly cozy. And save you funds while doing it.

Our heating and cooling specialists at Service Max Heating & Air Conditioning are standing by to provide your home the ultimate in comfort. Reach out to us at 360-255-5857 or contact us online to proceed right away.

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